Former Expo: Mike Aldrete



Mike Aldrete
1989 Upper Deck #738
Bio/Summary: When I was younger, Mike Aldrete always seemed like a solid player – nobody spectacular, not an All Star, but someone you wouldn’t mind having on your team. So in the 88 offseason, he was traded from the Giants to the Expos for Tracy Jones, and proceeded to nosedive from a 103 OPS+ to an 81 OPS+. It got so bad that the team just outright released him in 1991. Sigh. Expos luck, huh?
How Did I Get it?: I bought the 89 Upper Deck High Numbers set in 2003.
Did You Know?: He had a brother, Rich, who never made the majors.
Card Rating: 8/10 – First of all, I just flat-out love the design of 1989 Upper Deck. It’s so classic and classy. Then we have this great photo, with him beating the ball into the ground. This appears to be Spring Training, and I think it’s against the Braves, but I can’t tell much more from the photo. Still, a fun picture.


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