Expos Star: Delino Deshields


Delino Deshields
1992 Score #16
Expos Star
Position: 2B
Bio/Summary: I was always conflicted by old Delino. He was a funny-looking guy, to be sure, and a bit arrogant, but he seemed really cool with his dedication to the Negro leagues and the history of the game. It’s probably a wash. The guy also struck out at a prodigious rate and didn’t walk all that much for a “speed” player. Of course, he was the person that brought Pedro Martinez to Montreal (ouch, LA).
Did I Get it?: No clue. Might be a leftover from my old collection.
Did You Know?: Little detective work here. Okay, dredging the depths of my memory, this was taken at Candlestick park. He only played in two games at Candlestick park in 1991, July 29th and July 30th. He only reached base in the game on 7/30; he walked off of Trevor Wilson in the first inning, then stole second (probably what he’s doing in this picture) while Marquis Grissom was at the plate. So, how about that?
Card Rating: 6/10 – Love the action shot, but damn, I hate the design of 1992 Score. What an ugly design. Who thought that having a border take up so much of the card was a good idea?


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