Nationals Star: Ryan Zimmerman


Ryan Zimmerman
2006 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor #284
Nationals Star
Position: 3B
Bio/Summary: It was inevitable that he would come along. I’ve been biding my time, actually, as I wanted to be able to collect some thoughts. He is, after all, the face of the franchise right now, for better or worse (and I think it’s worse sometimes – the kid could use some time without trying to carry the team on his back). After an injury-marred 08, he’s back and seems to be doing a little better, though nothing spectacular. At this point I’m not sure he’s ever going to evolve into a superstar, even if his fielding is spectacular. Either way, I do love this card, and was excited to pull it.
How Did I Get it?: Pulled from an 06 Topps pack.
Did You Know?: Zimmerman played on a Virginia traveling team with David Wright and BJ Upton.
Card Rating: 7/10 – I wasn’t a big fan of 06 Topps, but the blue borders seem to make this for me. I’m not sure why. I’d like to get the whole set of blue chrome, I think.


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