Nationals Inaugural Set Part 9


Tony Armas, Jr.
2005 Topps Nationals #8
Nationals Also-Ran
Position: SP
Bio/Summary: Haha, check out those sneaks. I never had a really positive impression of Armas, but that didn’t stop me from, year after year, hoping that he would turn a corner. He never really did. Oh, and let’s not forget he was part of the trade that sent Pedro Martinez to Boston. Sigh.
Card Rating: 6/10 -Gotta give some props to those shoes. But the card is boring otherwise.chavez

Endy Chavez
2005 Topps Nationals #21
Nationals Also-Ran
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Ah, Inning-Endy. Man was this guy frustrating to watch. He had great speed and could field well, but he knew how to kill a rally like nobody’s business. I was a bit surprised when he popped up on the Mets as a star, but he wore out his welcome there, too. He seems to have found his niche with the Mariners, though, and I wish him well there.
Card Rating: 4/10 – This whole set has some serious late afternoon shadows. I guess you can at least see his face. 


Luis Ayala
2005 Topps Nationals #19
Nationals Lynchpin
Position: RP
Bio/Summary: Man this guy was good in the bullpen. Just look at those ERA+s! Over 130 all the way up until 2007. He was never quite the same after an arm injury, and is currently stinking up the joint in Minnesota.
Card Rating: 9/10 – This is the only card with an action shot in this entire set. I have to give a good rating just for that. On top of that, I think it’s a pretty decent action shot, even if the shadows are still a problem.loaiza

Esteban Loiaza
2005 Topps Nationals #41
Nationals Star
Position: SP
Bio/Summary: This guy’s so weird. He seems to bounce from really good to really bad. Thankfully, his time with the Nationals was really good, so I have some fond memories of him. I see why he bounces around so much, though – who could deal with that inconsistency on a regular basis?
Card Rating: 4/10 – I just noticed (I don’t know why it took me so long) how big the players’ last names are at the top of these cards. I’m not really crazy about it.

So far, so good…we only have 15 cards left.


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