Nationals Inaugural Set Part 10


Francisco Beltran
2005 Topps Nationals #40
Fringe Player
Position: RP
Bio/Summary: Honestly, I had no idea this guy had even made the majors, let alone been around for a few years before this card. He was a less-than-mediocre pitcher for the Cubs and Expos before resurfacing last year with the Tigers, finally aspiring to mediocrity. Not noteworthy at all.
Rating: 2/10 – Might as well have been taken for the media guide.


Ryan Church
2005 Topps Nationals #35
Nationals Also-Ran
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Man does it pain me to call him a Nats also-ran. This guy could do no wrong as far as I was concerned back in 05 and 06, and it sucked to trade him away, even if I do like Lastings Milledge a lot. I’m glad to see him doing well in New  York. Okay, so he made some boneheaded comments in the Washington press, but since when were baseball players geniuses?
Card Rating: 5/10 – I like the subject, but man, this set is brutal for bad photographs.

hernandezLivan Hernandez
2005 Topps Nationals #26
Nationals Star
Position: SP
Bio/Summary: Before he was an albatross, this guy rocked hard for the Expos and Nationals. I’d even argue that those were his last productive years (okay, the year in Arizona, maybe). It was great to know he was going for the team, and even ended up as one of the faces of the franchise that year.
Card Rating: 6/10 – Again, I like the subject, but the photography! I’ll be glad to get through this set.


Brandon Watson
2005 Topps Nationals #33
Failed Prospect
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Boy, this guy couldn’t hit water falling out of a boat. He did manage some high BAs in the minors, but his OBP was downright pitiful at times, not leading to as many steals as his speed would allow for. Of course, once he hit the majors, he just floundered, and was last seen in 2007. Last seen playing in the Phillies organization.
Card Rating: 4/10 – At least the pose is interesting.


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