Not Yet a National: Collin Balester


Collin Balester
2004 Bowman Draft Picks #47
Category: Nationals Prospect
Position: SP
Bio/Summary: I thought for sure Collin was going to make the team this year, but he didn’t quite make an impression in spring training, losing out to the more-impressive, younger Jordan Zimmermann. He didn’t impress with the team last year, but I still think Collin will end up with the team, possibly as a long-term #4 starter; his k/bb ratio has hit as high as 3.08 in the minors.
Did I Get it?: I picked up a 2004 Bowman Draft Pick box in 2004.
Did You Know?: He did well with the Nationals in 2008 until his last two starts of the year, when he gave up 12 earned runs in less than 7 innings to push ERA from 4.33 to 5.51.
Card Rating: 7/10 – The high ranking is based totally on who it is. The pose is a bit goofy, and the picture just plain awful. I’m also not a big fan of the 2004 Bowman design.


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