Expos Star: Carl Pavano


Carl Pavano
1998 Bowman #437
Expos Star
Position: SP
Bio/Summary: Poor Carl Pavano. Guy was good for the Expos back in the day. Not great, but good. Then he went to the Marlins, then he signed a deal with the Yankees, and the rest is history (26 games over 4 years. Ouuuuchh). Of course, before that, he was part of the deal that sent Pedro Martinez out of Montreal (sigh) and brought the dubious Tony Armas, Jr.  He was also part of the deal that brought Cliff Floyd back to Montreal, so I can’t totally hate on him for that, since Cliff Floyd rocks. In all, though, Pavano’s had an intriguing, circuitous career. And some awful luck. 
How Did I Get it?: I bought a 1998 Bowman box back in 2003. Broke him out of a pack.
Did You Know?: He dated Alyssa Milano.
Card Rating: 5/10 – I like 1998 Bowman’s style, and all the different blues work really well on this card. Still, the photography is pretty dark, and Pavano looks fugly, so I think this one breaks even overall.


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  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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