Expos Prospect: Randy Johnson

Yeah, about this guy…you might have heard of him. I’ve classified him as a prospect because he only spent a season-and-a-half in Montreal, and…well. He didn’t fail, that’s for sure.


Randy Johnson
1989 Upper Deck #322
Expos Prospect
Position: SP
Bio/Summary: Hah, this is the guy who broke my old hard-and-fast rule about the age of prospects. He broke in at 25, and I thought there was absolutely no way a guy his age would ever be able to get to 300 wins, hence no Hall of Fame. Who anticipated that he was a freak of nature? Still, I’ve held on to his card since I first got it, so I must have seen something, after all.
How Did I Get it?: In a pack of Upper Deck, back in 1989.
Did You Know?: He played one game as a left fielder on October 3, 1993, replacing Brian Turang for the last inning of the last game of the season in Minnesota.
Card Rating: 8/10 – It would get a higher rating, but I haven’t taken such great care of it. Still, timeless card. Good photo of a guy just coming into his own. And check out that stash and mullet!


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