The Nationals Inaugural Set Part 4: Has-Beens

This edition of the set will cover people who were has-beens by the time they appeared in this set.


Carlos Baerga
2005 Topps Nationals #42
Category: Nationals Has-Been
Position: 2B
Bio/Summary: Baerga’s an interesting case. I was a huge fan of the guy back in 1990, when he had the sweet-ass mustache and just seemed to explode out of nowhere for the Indians. I remember him turning to crap during the years he was with the Mets, and I lost track of him until he appeared in Washington for his swan song. Looking at his career and even his early years, he wasn’t nearly as good as I thought he was, but of course that was before power-hitting second basemen started coming along. Sure, Baerga was a has-been here, but it was good to see him get one last chance with my team.
Card Rating: 6/10 – Not a star, not great photography, but it is his last year.


Jeffrey Hammonds
2005 Topps Nationals #45
Category: Has-Been
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: Man did I think this guy was going to be huge. The next Rickey Henderson! I was a big Orioles fan when he was coming up in their system, and he just looked like he was going to break out. Of course, that didn’t really happen, and while he ended up being slightly above league average for most of his career (and for a corner outfielder that doesn’t really cut it), I’d say for a guy with such enormous expectations, he was a huge disappointment. Ah, well. One of those lessons in not overvaluing prospects. I just barely remember the guy as a Nat, and given that he only played 13 games for his own swan song, I guess that’s not surprising.
Card Rating: 5/10 -Meh.


Gary Bennett
2005 Topps Nationals #15
Category: Has-Been
Position: C
Bio/Summary: Good ole PB. Just check out those PBs on his page. Bennett was never really a very eye-popping player (hell, I didn’t know him until he joined the Nats, but he has managed to hang on past 2005.
Card Rating: 4/10 – Never really cared about the guy, nor do I care much about the card.


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