Nationals Star: Jose Vidro Part 1

 I’ve been looking through my collection and realized one thing: I have a TON of Jose Vidro cards. I guess the story is that as card companies cut back on cards in base sets, they looked to include only those people on teams who would be considered stars. That led to just about every set having a Jose Vidro card. So I have a lot to get through. I’ll start with one I just received in the mail…


 Jose Vidro
2002 UD Authentics #131
Category: Nationals Star
Position: 2B
Bio/Summary:Yes, his star has fallen a long way (sorry, Seattle), but once upon a time, Jose Vidro was a dynamo for the Expos and the Nationals. He OPS+ed over 100 for 7 straight years at 2B, nothing to sneeze at. I’ll have lots more to say about him as I go through his cards.
How Did I Get it?: Picked up the single on Amazon.
Did You Know?: Vidro is a three-time all star.
Card Rating: 9/10 – Man do I love these cards. I think the 1989 Upper Deck design is one of the all-time greats of the hobby, and seeing these a few years ago made me want the whole set. The photography is just as crisp as the original, and the design continues to lend itself well to that photography.



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