Not Yet a National: Chris Marrero


Chris Marrero
2006 Bowman Heritage Prospects #90
Category: Nationals Prospect
Position: OF
Bio/Summary: While he’s still young this season (only 20) and had a down year last year due to an injury, I think this guy has a shot of being something really special. He may struggle with some plate discipline, but he’s still young and has shown some signs of getting over those issues. I’d definitely keep an eye on him this year.
How Did I Get it?: I bought it from someone’s private collection on eBay.
Did You Know?: Chris has a brother, Christian Marrero, who plays in the White Sox organization.
Card Rating: 9/10 – Personally, this is one of my favorite cards in my entire collection. I like the whole Heritage concept, and the signature is large and crisp.


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