Jeff Reardon 86 Topps Auto


Jeff Reardon
1986 Topps #35
Category: Expos Keystone
Position: RP
Bio/Summary: Jeff Reardon’s time with the Expos was before my collecting days, so I was a bit surprised to get this card. Still, Reardon was a relief pitching star and had the all-time saves lead for awhile in the 90s (he and Lee Smith were battling it out for awhile there, back when saves actually meant something as a stat). I was a bit surprised to see that his overall WHIP was 1.199, which isn’t exactly stellar. Overall, though, I do think Reardon is a worthy closer.
How Did I Get it?: I picked this up as part of a sale of someone’s private collection on eBay. It’s possible the auto is a fake, but as I’m never going to resell it, I don’t really care. From what I can tell, it looks like Reardon’s signature.
Did You Know?: Reardon was an undrafted free agent. He also committed armed robbery at a jewelry store in 2005 and found not guilty by way of insanity.
Card Rating: 6/10 – I’m not the biggest fan of 86 Topps…the borders are drab and the photography is generally pretty boring, but I do like the way Reardon signed this one.


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